Hung-Tien Huang

University of South Carolina


I am an undergraduate computer science student double minor in mathematics and statistics at University of South Carolina.

My research interests include but not limited to causal inference, continual learning, neuromorphic computing, computer vision, and reinforcement learning. I want to make robots evolve throughout their lifetime so that they can be more adaptable to changes.

Currently, I work with Professor Ray Bai and Professor Pooyan Jamshidi on explainable artificial intelligence. I previously worked with Professor Austin Downey and Professor Jason Bakos on machine learning real-time system detection.

Beyond academics, I like buses a lot because I grew up next to a bus parking lot. I build paper crafts of buses, take photos of buses, and play OMSI 2 - the most fabulous bus simulator in the world. By the way, I am a huge cat person and I meow a lot.

selected publications

  1. Audio-Based Wildfire Detection on Embedded Systems
    Hung-Tien Huang, Austin RJ Downey, and Jason D Bakos
    Electronics 2022